Best Mountain Bike Tool Kits Review with Buying Guide

If you are the owner of a mountain bike, you know already how necessary is to have the right tools for the maintenance job. The tools you need are very important for performing the right maintenance and repairs on your mountain bike.

Bike Tool Kit usually all comprised of many various parts that allow you to accelerate, shift gears, and break with precision.


Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Tool Kits Review

To perform all these functions, your bile needs to be well cared for with regular maintenance tasks. A mountain bike is a special type of bike that needs to perform very often in various adverse conditions like rain, water, and mud. All these special parts that compose a mountain bike need the specialized tools to maintain and fix them.

Best Mountain Bike Tool Kit Reviews with Buying Guide

BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit Set

Are you spending a lot of money visiting bike maintenance shops for minor repairs on your bike? Do you wish you had the right tools for undertaking simple maintenance of your bike? Worry no more because BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit Set is your best solution. It is a handy toolset that helps in fixing any type of fault that happens in your bike. The toolkit presents a variety of tools and it`s offered at an affordable price and is worth its value. All the tools are developed from strong and long-lasting material that can tolerate wear and tear associated with usage.

This toolkit will save you unnecessary cost because you will be able to perfectly fix your bike. It comes with all basic tools needed for almost all Do-It-Yourself repairs. With that, you will not even have to visit any maintenance shops. With the help of the tools available in this toolkit, you can comfortably do total reassembly and disassembly, a complete overhaul and perform essential repairs.

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Features at a Glance

  • Exchangeable Phillips or flat screwdriver
  • A tire repair set
  • Small screwdriver for Derailleur`s tuning
  • Shimano compatible freewheel remover
  • An adjustable bottom bracket cup tool
  • A cotterless crank arm that fits perfectly in all axles

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The BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit

If you are looking for the perfect Do-It-Yourself bike repair tools, then worry no more because BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit is your ultimate choice. This is a complete bike repair tool set that comes in a solid box, allows for easy storage and can be carried anywhere. It gives you quality tools that will help you fix your bike for a better ride. The toolkit comes with a wide collection of features amounting to 18 items in the whole package.

These tools are made with stainless steel meaning they are tough and durable. They include levers and wrenches and other tools essential for emergency repairs of your bike. This toolkit gives you confident when riding as you are sure you are able to tackle any issues encountered. The set has been developed by professionals and the quality of tools is a guarantee of work well done.

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Features at a Glance

  • A chain rivet extractor
  • Tire lever
  • Flat 5mm Phillips screwdrivers
  • Dust cap, pedal and chainring nut wrenches
  • Lockring remover
  • Crank puller

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Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit – Bike Mechanic Tool Set

Are you in search of an essential bike repair tools? Search no more because Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit – Bike Mechanic Tool Set has all you need in one place. It is an amazing and quality toolset with a convenient plastic casing that makes it easy to store and carry anywhere. The set tools are of very high quality and are standard designed to fit all bike types. It is a complete set of tools that can help you fix any maintenance challenge on an MTB, Road bike or hybrid. It contains most common bike repair tools such as tire repair, wrenches, and screwdrivers.

Conquer Bicycle Repair Tool Kit - Bike Mechanic Tool Set

For tire repair, it has a patch kit that has three tire levers and a pressure gauge. The wrenches include the 2-6mm Allen set, 10g-15g Spoke, 15, 16, 17 mm Pedal, Headset and 6-inch crescent among others. All these tools enable easy Do-It-Yourself repair and service work on your bike anywhere and anytime.

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Features at a Glance

  • A complete toolkit with the most common bike tools
  • A convenient carrying case
  • Flat head Phillips screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Tire repair


Bicycle Bike Repair Tools Tool Kit MADE IN TAIWAN

In case you are looking for quality tools to take care of your modern bike, then Bicycle Bike Repair Tools Tool Kit is your best choice. It offers quality tools that will help you handle all faults on your bike. It has a very convenient plastic casing that allows for easy storage and is also very comfortable moving around with. It has amazing features such as Shimano compatible wheel remover that work perfectly well. You don’t have to spend much on repairs by taking your bike to those expensive maintenance shops. All you need to is to purchase this toolkit. The toolkit is very affordable.

With the help of the tools that are included in the whole set, you can comfortably perform almost all the basic repair and maintenance services on your bike. You can repair punctures, reassemble and disassemble the whole bike, tune wheels, adjust the bottom bracket among others. Most bike repairs are simple and if you have the tools, you can fix them. Find few more important tools on damntools

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Features at a Glance

  • Cartridge B.B Tool
  • Red-tire levers
  • Freewheel Turner
  • 8mm Hex Key Wrench
  • Flat Phillips Screwdriver
  • Cotterless crank extractor

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Bike Hand Tool Kit Bike Bicycle Repair Home Mechanic Road ATB Hybrid

Are you in search of a toolkit that will solve all repair problems associated with old bikes of all types? Search no more because the Bike Hand Tool Kit Bike Bicycle Repair Home Mechanic Road ATB Hybrid will solve all your problems. It is the perfect solution for all types of older bikes. It is a sturdy tool box that has an inbuilt handle that makes it easy to carry. This toolkit contains quality tools that are designed for the bicycle mechanic. The kit will help you fix all your simple and advanced bike problems comfortably and anywhere. All common bike repair tools you will need are all in this tool. You can solve problems of Road, Mountain, BMX, Hybrid and Track bikes.

You will be able to maintain your bike in a good condition with the help of these tools. These tools can help tune the bike wheels, reassemble and disassemble it, change bearings, replace worn-out tires, make adjustments among others. The tools are designed for quality and worth the price and can are meant to fit in different bike types.

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Features at a Glance

  • Strong tool box with inbuilt handles
  • Tire repairs
  • Wrenches
  • Flat Phillips screwdrivers
  • Cotterless crank arm remover
  • Adjustable bottom bracket

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Why to consider purchasing Best Mountain Bike Tool Kit

Expert repair tools

Mountain bikes might involve some more expert or professional type of repair tools including facers, headset presses, or wheel truing stands. For some people that are not very good on do it yourself tasks and not confident with these type of repairs, it might be the best to leave these types of repairs in the hands of their local bike mechanic experienced and trained in these types installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Leave expert repairs to professionals

The average person, even if a trained mechanic, without the right training can damage the bike or his equipment, or really hurt himself. Your bike might get damaged beyond repair, so it’s better not to leave these repairs to just anyone or try them by yourself if you are not really well experienced in performing them.

Mountain bike repairs and maintenance you can learn yourself

In case that you are new to work on repairs and maintenance on your bike you can learn some skills by checking WikiHow or DIY bike yourself videos like those of Dave Delgado. You’ll find all sort of videos on various installation, repairs, maintenance, and tuning topics for your mountain bike. You may use these videos for tricky topics you are not totally familiar with, for example help with bleeding brakes and damping settings.

You may also use online tools for comparing different prices and features of various mountain bike tool kits offered by different manufacturing brands. All you have to do is to type in the search box the tool you want to compare the price provided by different vendors, then press Search or Enter.

Essential Mountain Bike Tools

One of the essential mountain bike tool kits you might need to consider is the Bike Repair Stand. This tool is important because it provides a secure foundation to work on your bike. There are hard mounted to a floor or wall base as well as portable bike repair stands. When you are actually able to work on your bike in a proper position that allows you to keep it steady and reach all sides of your bike, or to cycle the drive train with ease, this really makes a difference.

It also pays off to perform your own wrenching in lean times, but in order to install, repair, tune and maintain your bike with any success you need to acquire a decent quality tool kit. Here are other tools you would need to purchase:

  • Allen keys – T-shaped, ideally long, and ball-ended to be possible to use them in tight spaces. Another options of Allen keys are Y-shaped and the standard L-shaped type.
  • Cassette removal tools
  • Bottom bracket tool – with good leverage and solid engagement
  • Chainring bolt tool
  • Chain tool – with smooth action
  • Tyre levers
  • Cable cutters – for changing gear cables, Pedal spanner
  • Torx drivers – for brake/rotor adjustment
  • Screwdrivers – for rear and front mech limit screws
  • A tiny screwdriver – this could always be useful

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Mountain Bike Tool Kit

Box in a Bench types of mountain bike took kits

Some manufacturers have fitted the contents of an entire home workshop into just a cardboard box. This kind of mountain bike tool kits has excellent finish and functionality, so acquire a chest for a fully equipped workspace. However, the price is directly proportional to the quality and the amount of tools you get.

From this kind of bench in a box took kit you can expect to get usually the following tools: Torx keys (Y-shaped, T-shaped), Hex keys (Y-shaped, T-shaped, L-shaped), chain tool – a combination of 10,9, and 8 mm spanners, tire, levers, cable cutters, spoke keys, screwdrivers, cassette lockring tool, vice whip, pedal spanner, torque wrench, Shimano cartridge BB tool, external cup BB tool, cone spanners, threadless nut setter, crank extractor, tape measure, parts bowl, BMX freewheel remover, socket/tool drive, BB tools (Campagnolo SKS, 8-pin, 6-pin), cable wrench, headset spanners, bottle opener.

Other Board & Tools Mountain Bike Tool Kits

Some of this type of mountain bike tool kits feature up to 80 high-quality tools for adjusting and removing just about everything: spanners, screwdrivers, files, crank extractors, chain whip, pliers and 3/8in drive torque wrench, 25 and 32mm sockets, hex drives.

What to look for

Look for a tool box that is really impressive if you can afford the price. Shop for a tool box with easy access design and a clear layout, with some extra spaces for you to add extra tools.

The basic tools

The basic tools you will still need if you are shopping for a mountain bike tool kit in case that you are on a strict budget are: cassette lockring tools (Shimano and/or Campagnolo), Hex wrench sets, BB tools, chain wear indicator, bottle opener, chainring nut wrench, crank puller, crank wrench, chain lube, cable cutter, hammer, folding chain tool, cone wrench set, adjustable wrench, combination wrenches, tape measure, pedal spanner, spoke wrenches, screwdrivers, tyre levers, sprocket removal tool, brush, knife, pliers, star driver.

When choosing your mountain bike tool kit, you can choose a budget kit, a mid-budget choice, or a professional mountain bike kit.


We wanted to present here a guideline on the best mountain bike tool kits to purchase, why would you need to acquire your own bike tool kit and several tips to consider before shopping for a mountain bike took the kit. We consider that it is important for every owner of a mountain bike to have in possession also some essential tools that are really a must have in your tool box.

These tools range from basic tools you can buy on a strictly limited budget, to middle range and expert/professional grade mountain bike tool kits. We have used all these various bike maintenance and repair tools with great success and we certainly know that many other bike rider enthusiasts have also used them as well.

We did not provide an exhaustive list of everything you will ever need, but we hope our article is useful and it should provide a good base of for you to make an informed decision on choosing the best mountain bike tool kits.

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