BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike Review

Thinking of upgrading your old mountain bike to a new one? Or are you stepping into this category for the first time? Well, professional bikers will tell you always to go for performance when choosing a hard tail. While this might be valid to some extent, you don’t want to go buying a seven-grand beast if you are only going to be riding it around for fun, unless of course, the greenback is not a problem to you. It, therefore, gets a bit confusing on picking the perfect bike regarding cost, performance, durability and maintenance.

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BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

A good option would be one that balances off the performance with cost but with the added advantage of durability and ease of access when it comes to spare parts. There IS none better than the BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike. It’s not only affordable but also relatively high performance when compared to others within this price range. Let’s go ahead and look at its most distinctive features;

Carbon Fiber Frame

Tired of lugging around all that mass of good old metal uphill? Welcome to the age of carbon fiber. It’s not only lightweight but also stiffer compared to aluminum. A mountain bike should essentially be lightweight to avoid too much strain when going off-road or uphill. With the carbon fiber structure, this bike weighs a mere 10.7 kg, it’s so light that you will get a flying sensation while riding it without even noticing any mass strains when going uphill.

Hydraulic Disc Braking

Remember the old rim breaking system that would take ages to kick in and when they did you would end up having to fight for control to avoid being thrown off? You no longer have to worry about that on the BEIOU mountain bike. This is because it utilizes the latest hidden disk braking system delivering incredible stopping power during any weather condition. Hydraulic disc braking also offers a much smoother speed drop than rim breaks.

Air Suspension Fork

A good mountain bike suspension fork should be able to take in big shock hits when riding and smoothen the effect to provide a much smoother riding experience. BEIOU utilizes the air suspension fork system. This provides an easy option for the user to adjust the spring stiffness depending on their weight and current trail conditions by simply using a shock pump. This is a much cheaper option as opposed to coil forks that require you to purchase a different spring every time you want to adjust your fork.

3 × 10 Speed Gear System

This new drive train introduces two-way shifting enabling the rider to quickly change gears by either shifting up or down the gears by either pulling or pushing the up-shift lever. Also with three by ten chain rings system you will have a wider gearing ratio. You will be able to switch according to either uphill climbs, trail rides or downhill riding. With this in place, you will avoid straining too much to gain speed.

Flat Handlebars

4Flat handlebars offer better comfort when riding and also allow easier uphill climb as you can lean forward increasing overall weight distribution towards the front wheel for a firmer grip. These type of handlebars are highly useful allowing you to add accessories such as lights and phone holders. These bars are also easy to reach hence you don’t have to worry about adjusting for height differences.

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  • Cheap compared to other bikes with similar specs
  • Attractive 3k matte colors finish
  • Durable Carbon Fiber body
  • Comfortable as a result of the air suspension fork
  • Durable wheels, you will not need to replace these anytime soon
  • Extremely lightweight enabling faster uphill speeds
  • High-performance gearing system for maximum speed with reduced strain
  • Internal cable routing to protect them from the elements.


  • The seat gets loose fairly quickly
  • Noisy gears especially when not pedaling
  • The fork tends to lose tension and becomes bouncy
  • Tires lose pressure pretty quickly

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this bike come assembled?

A: No, everything is in the delivery package plus also a do it yourself instruction list for assembling the mountain bike.

Q: Can I adjust the fork for my weight?

A: Definitely yes, all you need is a shock pump to set the right pressure in the air suspension.

Q: Are there other available sizes?

A: Yes, you can request for your required inch size, and it will be delivered to you.


If you are looking for an affordable high-performance bike that will give you a great value for your hard-earned cash, then the BEIOU® Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike is the bike for you. With its unbeatable features, it easily earns respect from riders across the platform. Don’t forget it also comes in multiple matte colors and the company went ahead and did something other bike companies don’t even consider: they didn’t plaster every inch of it with company logos, therefore, leaving it even more stylish. Go ahead and place your order and get ready to have some wild fun with this beast.

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