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7 Benefits Of Using Electric Bikes

An electric bike is one of the modern technologies that improved our lifestyle. It is a bicycle featuring a motor, electric display, and sensors. Here are its top seven advantages: Assisted Riding An electric bike utilizes a pedal-assist method to give the user’s performance a boost. It significantly reduces the impact on their lower body. […]

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E-bikes and Possibility of Severe Injuries

Electric bikes of all forms have seen a massive boom in popularity. They make transport and cycling more accessible to more people. Cheaper to run than cars, the use of electric bikes has become the mode of transportation for many commuters. At the same time, Electric mountain bikes open up the possibilities of exploring previously […]

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Safety Guide For Women While Bike Riding

Many of us ladies have this misconception that bikes are way too slow to be risky. But those of us who have fallen hard and experienced the fatal injuries know how wrong and audacious that statement is. Every step you take, every piece of protective gear you wear, will play its part in ensuring your […]

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Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails around the World

Mountain biking is a sport that is sweeping the world in popularity, and for those who catch the bug, cycling their local trails is brilliant – but discovering what the world has to offer mountain bikers is even more exciting. Who is to say which are the top 10 best trails around the world, but […]

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How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike Frames?

Not many of you may be aware of certain things that form the essentials of a mountain bike. One of the main aspects you would have to consider would be the right frame for the mountain bike. We look at the things you would have to consider in selecting the right frame for your mountain […]

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IT Band Problem and How to Avoid

ITB (Iliotibial Band) is a lateral thickening of connective tissues that run through the entire length of the thigh. This band starts from just above the belt line, where the gluteus maximus and tensor fasciae latae muscles attach to it and extends downwards while narrowing up to the upper part of the lower leg bone, […]

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