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How to Fix Your Mountain Bike When You Break IT!

Take it to a dealer you trust – however far away he or she is!!!! Don’t let other mess with your prized possession. It’s YOUR mountain bike after all…. If you look up the Wikipedia Definition for Mountain Biking, you will see the following quoted: “Mountain biking is the outdoor sport of riding bicycles off-roadand often […]

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Two Important Checklist Before Going Out for Mountain Biking

Two Important Checklist Before Going Out for Mountain Biking; 1) Check Your Tire Pressures Why you need to understand the importance of riding your mountain bike with the right tire pressures… There is nothing more frustrating that hearing that familiar “thump, thump, thump” of a flat tire while you’re mountain biking. Suffering a flat tire […]

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Choosing Mountain Bike Helmet For Your Next Tour

Whenever you watch any mountain bike competition whether its endurance, downhill or cross-country, be it live or on TV, you don’t ever see any of these expert Mountain bikers, riding without wearing a helmet and, most of them are wearing protective pads too. This just means that you need a mountain biking helmet, no matter […]

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Types of Mountain Bike Tire

If you have been to a bike shop, you will see that there are many choices of mountain bike tires to choose from, but basically, there are only two types of mountain bike tires; the tubular and the clincher mountain bike tire. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Types of Mountain Bike Tire Clincher […]

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Becoming a Mountain Bike Rider

Biking is far easier on your muscles and joints than running; it is still a strenuous activity though. If you have suffered a heart or lung problem or have a history of a serious illness; go see a doctor before you take it to the next level. Alright! So you have decided to become a […]

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