Hiland Mountain Bike Reviews – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Mountain bikes are often quite different from regular bikes. For starters, a mountain bike is a bike designed for off-road cycling. Some features of a mountain bike tend to include more straight handlebars, powerful brakes,  large knobby tires,  a front or full suspension, more durable wheels, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades. When looking for high quality mountain bikes that are great for beginners which you can look forward to using in learning how to ride in the great outdoors, we here at Mountain Bikes Lab have found that there really is no better quality brand like the Hiland Mountain Bike brand at this price level. 

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Hiland Mountain Bikes Reviews

The Hiland Mountain Bike brand was founded in 2000 and mainly focuses on bicycles, bicycle accessories, children bicycles, and electric bicycles. Hiland prides itself in providing high quality bikes for an unbeatable price. Hiland products are exported to nearly 70 countries and regions in the global market, and has established a consistent customer base that multiplies year over year. Hiland has made the transition from foreign trade of bicycles to manufacturing, domestic sales to brand export, and products in the sports space. In this review of Hiland’s most popular bikes, we’ll help you find the perfect mountain bike for your needs. 

Hiland 27.5 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike


Let’s start off with one of the best selections when it comes to choosing a Hiland mountain bike. The Hiland 27.5 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike features a frame and a powerful suspension fork that really outshines their other offerings. This aluminum frame coupled with its strong suspension fork really gives you the flexibility to handle punishment on the trail. The other feature that really helps this bike shine is its double disc braking system, ensuring you have full control when coming down a steep hill and needing to stop abruptly. Just so you won’t ever need to reach that point, the Hiland 27.5 Inch MTB also comes equipped with the Shimano 21-speed gear shifters that can be used in various sections of your ride. Giving you a reliable boost that will allow you to keep control no matter what situation you find yourself in.

This Hiland mountain bike comes with 3 different color options for you to choose from: black, gray and yellow. What stood out the most for our team is this bike’s 27.5-inch wheels that will guarantee you a great riding experience on almost any terrain including mountain, roads, highways and even forestways. We also recommend choosing the right size when buying this bike and luckily for you it comes in 2 different sizes, 17 and 19 inch frames. The 17-inch frames is best suited for a rider that is 5’7” – 6” tall, whereas the 19-inch frame will be best suited for a rider that is 6’ – 6’6” tall. You’ll also be pleased to know that the Hilan 27.5-inch 21-speed mountain bike comes 85% pre-assembled and is very easy to assemble the rest, coming with free pedals and with the required assembly tools also included.

Hiland 29 Inch Mountain Bike 


Our number two overall Hiland brand Mountain bike comes in right behind the Hiland 27.5 inch Moutain bike and is the brand new Hiland 29 inch Mountain bike. This new bike is more of a hybrid between a road bike and an entry level mountain bike however after test riding it know that it is a very high quality ride. With its larger wheels the Hiland 29 inch MTB will ride faster than other Hiland brand bike and we were pleasantly surprised with how well the hardtail suspension fork handled rugged terrain. While not quite as great as the Hiland 27.5 inch, the Hiland 29 inch MTB offers riders a bit more versatility when it comes to where you can ride this bike. You can find our full review of the Hiland 29 inch MTB here.

Coming in three attractive paint jobs the light weight Hiland 29 inch MTB has some high end components that really sets it apart from other entry level mountain bikes. The Shimano derailleur performed very well during both our city and off road test rides, and although we had a minor issue with de-chaining this was fixed after a slight adjustment to the derailleur. Overall the Hiland 29 inch mountain bike was a joy to ride and would be a great choice for anyone looking for a bike that can double as both a day-to-day bike as well as an entry level mountain bike. Like other entry level bikes this should not be ridden on hard downhill mountain biking trails however for easy and intermediate level trails, which are the trails we tested it on, it should be more than sufficient.

Hiland 26 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike


The next bike our team reviewed in the Hiland 26 Inch 21 Speed Mountain Bike. For starters, this bike is different from the previous 27.5 inch MTB due to its steel frame. This frame makes it lighter than the aluminum frame but also means that it tends to be weaker. Regardless, you’ll be happy to know that it has an excellent gradient paint job and comes in 3 very attractive color options, white with Black, Red or Green. This bike consists of a high quality double V-Brake ensuring you have full control when coming to a full stop. The Hilan 26-inch mountain bike also offers 21-speed gear shifters to allow you to face any uphill or even downhill obstacle you face. 

This bike’s 26-inch are also a plus when looking for a great riding experience on different terrain types. You also have the option to choose from 2 different frame sizes, 16-inch and 18-inch frames. From our experience, we recommend for the rider to be between 5’2 – 5’8” feet for the 16-inch frame and between 5’7” – 6’ feet tall for the 18-inch frame. Lastly, the Hiland 26-inch 21-speed Mountain Bike’s front suspension fork will really help to keep you steady when riding on bumpy roads and trails. This bike also comes 85% pre-assembled and is very easy to assemble the rest with free pedals and the other required tools included like its counterpart.

Hiland 26/27.5 Inch 24-Speed Women’s Mountain Bike


Now that we’ve gone through one of Hiland’s Men’s mountain bikes, let’s take a look at an option for a good quality Women’s MTB. The Hiland 26/27.5 Inch 24-Speed Women’s Mountain Bike has a unique design so that its frame is especially designed for women. With a small frame and special upper tube this bike is definitely more suitable for female cyclists. You can find that this bike is equipped with a double disc braking system and 24-speed gear shifters that will ensure you will always be in control, even in the scariest situations. The 24-speed gears can be used in various sections of your ride and give you the reliable boost you need when looking to make record breaking time uphill or even strategically come down a downhill slope.

The Hiland 24 speed Women’s MTB, as told from the name, has two different wheel sizes to choose from, 26-inch and 27.5 inch wheels. These strong wheels along with the bike’s LockOut suspension fork make for a great riding experience through highways, forestways, and mountain roads. The bike also comes in two different frame sizes, 16-inch and 16.5-inch frames. We recommended that the woman rider for this bike be between 5’1 – 5’9 feet for the 16-inch frame and between 5’3 – 6’ feet tall for the 16.5-inch frame. Lastly, this Hiland 26/27.5 Inch 24 Speed Women’s MTB is already 85% pre-assembled and the packaging will come with the necessary assembly tools needed to assemble the rest, leaving you to easily put together the handlebars, front wheel, saddle, and pedals. 

Hiland Kid’s Mountain Bikes Reviews

Hiland also makes several different mountain bikes designed for kids and teens. These bikes have smaller wheel options and are designed for youngsters. That said, they are still high-quality and can handle serious trails and adventures.

Hiland 24/26 Inch 21-Speed Youth Mountain Bike


One of the better kids’ Mountain Bikes that our team has seen is the Hiland 24/26 Inch 21-Speed Youth Mountain Bike. This bike features an aluminum mountain frame with a powerful suspension fork to help soak up any thumps or bumps that you will encounter during your ride. This small frame and special upper tube coupled with its strong suspension fork is made suitable for teenage cycling and allows for a durable, fun riding experience. This bike comes with a double Disc-Brake braking system combined with the Shimano 21-speed gear shifters that will keep you in control no matter the trail you’re facing. 

The Hiland 24/26 Inch 21-Speed Youth Mountain Bike has two sizes to fit any growing youth no matter the age. You could compare to the kids version of the Nishiki Pueblo. The first size is the 24 inch frame that is best suited for youths between 4’3 – 5’3 feet tall, and the second size frame is a 26 inch frame that is best suited for a youth between 5’2 – 5’8 feet tall. Another great feature is this bike’s two size options for its wheels. You can choose between 24 inch wheels or take on the 26 inch wheels depending on your size and preference. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have a great riding experience riding down roads, mountains or even forestways. As all the other Hiland bikes, the 24/26 Inch 21-Speed Youth Mountain Bike comes 85% pre-assembled, with all the other tools included to complete you assembly of this Youth MTB. 

Hiland 20/24 Inch 7-Speed Kids Mountain Bike


The next kids Mountain Bike that our team reviewde is the Hiland 20/24 Inch 7-Speed Kids Mountain Bike. This bike comes with a high quality Aluminum alloy frame giving it a special geometry that is specifically designed for teenagers. Another great component to this bike’s frame is the different color options coming with a variety of four different colors. Your child will be able to choose from Black, Blue, White or even Ultramarine if it fits their style. The Hiland 20/24 Inch Kids Mountain Bike is equipped with a double V-Brake braking system and unlike the other bikes in this guide it comes with only a 7-Speed gear shifter created by Shimano. The 7-speed gear shifters are great for youths looking to learn how to mountain bike and get out there to experience a new sport while keeping themselves in full control the whole time. 

This bike has two wheel and frame size options: 20-inch and 24-inch. We recommended that the 20 Inch wheels and frame would best suit a child between 3’6 – 4’8 feet and the 24 Inch wheels and frames would be great for a child between 4’3 – 5’3 feet. As always, this Hiland 20/24 Inch 7-Speed Kids Mountain Bike comes 85% pre-assembled and provides all the necessary tools to complete the assembly of this bike and get it out on the mountain.

Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike for Children


The next Youth bike in this brand guide is the Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike for Children. THis bike, unlike the last two bikes, has a steel frame that has a LIFETIME warranty. This bike’s strong frame along with its 6-speed rear derailleur shifters by Shimano give your child full control of their ride at all times. Especially since the shifters are finger type and can be switched and changed with the flick of their finger, this bike gives your child the optimal condition in learning how to mountain bike.

The Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike for Children has a 40mm Suspension fork that will guarantee a smooth travel for your child on any bumpy trails. They can also rely on the linear pull brakes for a strong and smooth stopping power. This bike’s 24”*1.95 tires will allow for your youth to enjoy miles and miles of dirt grinding fun without getting weared out. Coming with a 24 Inch frame we recommend your child to be anywhere between 4’3 – 4’11 feet. Lastly, the Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike for Children comes 85% assembled and with the necessary tools included to complete its full assembly. 

Hiland Cuddy 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bicycle


To end off our Hiland youth mountain bikes selection we chose to look at the Hiland Cuddy 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bicycle. This bike is great for boys and girls that are between the ages of 5 and 9 as it is built with a 10-Inch low step-over design making it easy to get on and off this bike. When riding on uncertain terrains, this bike’s flat handlebars come in handy as they give your child a very responsive control over their bike. With 6 different speeds in this bike’s grip-type shifter, your child will have an easy time learning how to use gears on their MTB.

The Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bicycle has a strong suspension fork that is 40mm and allows for smooth traveling on any bumps or thumps experienced while riding. The bike’s linear breaks are also very reliable for when your child is looking to do an abrupt stop. The 20” * 2.125 wide tires will last for a long time and will guarantee your child miles and miles of dirt grinding fun before any wear occurs to the bike. We recommend this bike for children between anywhere 3’6 – 4’8 feet tall. As all the other bikes in this brand guide, the Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain bicycle comes 85% pre-assembled and is very easy to install the remaining parts, including the FREE kickstand it comes with.

Hiland 20 Inch 7-Speed Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike


As a bonus, our team decided to also review a Fat Tire mountain bike made by Hiland. The Hiland 20 Inch 7-Speed Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike is a high quality bike made with a steel frame and has excellent paint options for your kid to choose from. This bike comes in three sleek color options, blue, silver, and white, each accented with another color making this bike very attractive. This bike comes equipped with a double Disc-Brake braking system and the Shimano TY300D 7-Speed gear shifters ensuring you child full control on their ride and every situation they encounter. 

The Hiland 7-Speed Kids Fat Tire MTB has 20” * 4.0 Inch tires that make for a great riding experience though mountain roads, highways, and even forestways. Since this is a fat tire bike, it is also suitable for the beach, snow, ice and other terrains. This bike will best be suited for kids between the heights of 3’6 – 4’8 feet. Best part is that this bike will also come 85% pre-assembled and have the required assembly tools needed to put together your new Hiland 20 Inch 7-Speed Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike. 

Hiland Electric Mountain Bikes Reviews

Hiland recently released their first electric mountain bike, the Rockshark. The Hiland Rockshark is an affordable entry-level electric mountain bike option with 500 watts of power and a quality battery.

Hiland ROCKSHARK 500 Watt Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike 


Overall, the Hiland ROCKSHARK is solid especially when you consider its low price. It offers 500 watts of power and a 48 Volt battery which allows for up to 40-50 miles of riding before needing a charge. At that power level, you can take on a good amount of terrain, but it’s definitely less than you might get with a Rambo or QuietKat 1000 watt e-bike.

The ROCKSHARK is sturdy, with thick 26 inch tires, a powerful central frame, and a quality 7-speed Shimano transmission offering great stability and performance. We like that the ROCKSHARK offers a variety of power modes, as we can tailor it to our terrain and needs. Overall, the Hiland ROCKSHARL is a solid entry level fat tire electric mountain bike option with a very affordable price.


Overall, Hiland mountain bikes are great bikes for the money you’ll be spending on them, and definitely great intro bikes to help you or your child get started on your first ride in this extreme outdoor sport. These are all excellent bike choices which we can guarantee will be a great fit for you or your child and you’ll be pleased with as you start your journey riding through the great outdoors.


Is Hiland a good bike brand?

Hiland creates great affordable bikes that balance quality and price. You can count on Hiland for solid performance without breaking the bank. We recommend Hiland for both kids mountain bikes and entry-level adult mountain bikes.

What tools will I need to use to assemble most of the Hiland Mountain Bikes?

You will need a set of inner hexagon wrenches and a No. 15 wrench to complete the assembly of the Hiland MTBs and have it ready to ride.

How do I file a warranty claim for my Hiland Mountain Bike? 

The fastest way to file a warranty claim is to take a photo of your bike & broken part and send it to Hiland’s customer service email address. <[email protected]>

Where can I buy replacement parts for my Hiland Mountain Bike?

Many replacement parts can be directly purchased at any local bike shop; your local dealer can support any of your needs. If you have questions, connect with the Hiland bike experts via the Contact Us form on their website.


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