Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

The Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire mountain bike is guaranteed to be the one of the most comfortable and enjoyable mountain bikes that you have ever ridden. As a long time city and mountain bikers, many of us here at Mountain Bikes Lab had never ridden a fat tire bike up until a few years ago. However, after testing out a number of different fat tire bikes over the course of the past two years, we have to admit that they are a great type of mountain bike; and among the fat tire niche of mountain bikes, the Mongoose Juneau 26” Fat Tire is one of, if not the, best fat tire mountain bikes on the market at this affordable price. If you are looking for a new type of mountain bike to move away from the traditional thin tire, then read our Mongoose Juneau review and discover the world of fat tire mountain biking.

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Mongoose Juneau 26-Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review


In this Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire mountain bike review we will go over the main features of this excellent mountain bike, however we will also go over some of the more generic differences between fat tire and traditional mountain bikes. Simply put, a fat tire bike will allow you to bike in places that were previously inaccessible to traditional mountain bikes. The huge tires on the Mongoose Juneau mountain bike will allow you to bike over very uneven terrain, and through water, sand and snow. At this end of this review we are sure that you will be fully convinced that the Juneau Mountain Bike is the perfect mountain bike for you. 

26×4” All-Terrain Fat Tires

Clearly, the defining feature of a fat tire mountain bike is their huge wheels, however, many people that are looking into buying a fat tire bike do not know the true potential of a fat tire mountain bike. The Mongoose Juneau’s 26×4 inch fat tires are fastened securely to a professional grade hydroformed aluminum alloy rims, which provides excellent stability in any and all biking conditions. With extra-large wheels, you can ride your bike with tires inflated to only around 10 psi. Compared to the normal tire pressure that is recommended, 25-65 psi, the significantly lower pressure of the fat tires allows the tire to spread out to a far greater area on the ground. This will give you more traction on the ground, which consequently allows you to ride easily over difficult off-road terrain. Riding through water, sand, snow, or uneven terrain is made easy when riding the Mongoose Juneau 26-inch Fat Tire mountain bike. 

Aluminum Hydro-formed Tubing and Frame


Fitted with a professional grade aluminum frame, the Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire mountain bike is extremely lightweight and reliable. Due to the large tires that all fat tire bikes have, their weight is increased significantly, usually by 4 to 5 pounds. This extra weight makes riding more difficult and the overall mountain biking experience far less enjoyable. The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame of the Mongoose Juneau counteracts some of this increase in weight that occurs from the large tires helping to reduce the extra biking strain that comes from having a heavier bike. 

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

One of the most important parts of a mountain bike are the brakes that they are fitted with. Although not as high end as hydraulic brakes, disc brakes are top of the line in terms of quality and efficiency, and are far more effective at stopping a bike than rim brakes. A disc brake works by having the stopping pads work indirectly to stop the tire by acting on a metal disc, rather than the wheels rim. There are huge advantages to this including, increased brake control, greater braking range, greater range of use and greater durability. By acting on the disc rather than the tire, the pads more efficiently stop the tire and easily clear debris from disc; this leads to increased durability for the pads, which can quickly wear down when used in traditional rim brakes. Additionally, because the disc does not act as the wheel, as is necessary for rim brakes, the disc can be manufactured exclusively for braking efficiency to provide better performance, greater heat resistance, and exceptional durability. 


Throughout our Mongoose Juneau review, we were impressed with its performance. Overall the Mongoose Juneau 26” Fat Tire Mountain bike is an extremely fun, and efficient, mountain bike. Fat tire bikes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into mountain biking but are especially great for newer riders as they can be comfortably ridden in a variety of  different conditions, or even in the middle of a big city. Priced around $600, the Mongoose Juneau mountain bike is lower priced than the Mongoose Tyax Expert but still provides top of the line quality for everyone that decides to purchase it. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab we fully recommend the Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire bike and consider it to be one of the absolute best fat tire bikes currently on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a Mongoose Juneau 26” Fat Tire Mountain Bike worth it?

In a word, yes. Although Fat tire bikes have been around for a long time they have only recently gained notoriety and have been heralded as excellent, all around bike. For someone who is looking to get into mountain biking, the Mongoose Juneau 26” Fat Tire mountain bike is an excellent choice and enabling you to ride almost anywhere with ease. You can find cool videos of Mongoose bikes in action here.

Can you ride a Mongoose Juneau 26” Fat Tire Mountain bike on pavement?

Yes, you can ride a Mongoose Juneau Mountain bike over pavement, sand, snow, water, or mountain paths.

Are Mongoose Juneau Fat Tire Mountain bikes hard to ride?

Yes and no. Although the wide tires do make balancing on a fat tire bike much easier, the trade-off is their increased weight which makes them slightly more difficult to pedal on normal terrain such as pavement or asphalt.


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