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What is a Braze-On Front Derailleur? Read This to Learn More About a Braze-On Front Derailleur.

  Just like regular bikes, e-bikes need derailleurs to help shift gears. Derailleurs are an important component in any bicycle, and you get two of them for the front and back of your bike.   Some e-bike users wonder about special types of e-bike derailleurs like Braze-On Front Derailleurs, which they haven’t heard about before. […]

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Can Mountain Bike Handlebars be Raised? Things You Need to Know About Raising The Mountain Bike Handle Bar

As you start to mountain bike more, you’ll find that your riding style changes and that you may want to adjust your handlebars. A higher handlebar position can give you more control on descents, while a lower position can help you be more aerodynamic on flats and climbs. Now you might be thinking, can a […]

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