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Rungu Dualie Reviews – 2021 Buyer’s Guide (All Models)

Intro on Rungu Brand The world of electric bikes is exploding as more and more folks buy them to enhance their mountain biking, hunting, and overall outdoor adventure experience. While standard e-bikes vary in their size, wattage / power, and design, Rungu stands out from all others because of its unique double front wheel design. […]

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Rambo Prowler 1000W Electric Hunting Bike Review 

Like other Rambo electric hunting bikes, the Rambo Prowler is a high quality electric hunting bike that is made with premium components, and provides excellent performance for the rider. Considered to be one of Rambo’s more high end electric bikes, the price on the Prowler is certainly justified by its parts, especially the Bafang Ultra […]

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Rambo Nomad 750W XPC Viper Electric Hunting Bike Review 

The Rambo Nomad XPC Viper electric hunting bike is an upgrade of Rambo’s original 750 watt bike, and is designed to give better performance, greater range, and an overall superior riding experience. The Bushwacker is geared more towards a long range rider who is contending more with distance than with elevation, which is why it […]

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Rambo Krusader 500 Watt Electric Hunting Bike Review 

The Rambo Krusader was originally released in mid 2020, and was the first all-wheel drive (AWD) electric hunting bike to hit the market. Possessing excellent power, and range, the Rambo Krusader changed the way that people looked and electric hunting bikes, and firmly established Rambo bikes as both and innovator and leader in the electric […]

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Rambo Bushwacker 750 Watt XPC True Timber Electric Hunting Bike Review

A well-known company in the field of electric hunting bikes, Rambo electric bikes are known worldwide for their efficiency, durability, and capability. Designed with the outdoor hunter in mind, all levels of Rambo electric hunting bikes are produced in the United States and made out of sturdy aluminum alloy and high quality components, to ensure […]

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