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Velowave 500 Watt Electric Mountain Bike Review – Is It For You?

A relatively new brand in the world of electric mountain biking, Velowave electric bikes are taking the world by storm by offering high quality bikes like the Velowave 500 Watt Electric mountain bike, for extremely reasonable prices. Evaluating the Velowave 500 Watt Electric Mountain   One of the worst things that we have found about […]

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Rungu Dualie Reviews – 2021 Buyer’s Guide (All Models)

Intro on Rungu Brand The world of electric bikes is exploding as more and more folks buy them to enhance their mountain biking, hunting, and overall outdoor adventure experience. While standard e-bikes vary in their size, wattage / power, and design, Rungu stands out from all others because of its unique double front wheel design. […]

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Rambo Prowler 1000W Electric Hunting Bike Review 

Like other Rambo electric hunting bikes, the Rambo Prowler is a high quality electric hunting bike that is made with premium components, and provides excellent performance for the rider. Considered to be one of Rambo’s more high end electric bikes, the price on the Prowler is certainly justified by its parts, especially the Bafang Ultra […]

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