Rambo Rampage 1000 Watt Electric Hunting Bike Review 

The Rambo Rampage is a high-end, high performance electric hunting bike that is designed with the adventurous outdoor hunter in mind. Every Rambo bike is a great choice for someone looking to invest in an electric bike, however some of their models we believe, are more suited for someone not intending to truly push like limits of the body and their bike. The Rambo Rampage is not that. This bike is designed to push you to the limit, and will certainly be able to handle anything that you throw at it.

From its powerful motor, to its excellent 60 mile range to its 11 speeds, to its high quality off road fat tires, the Rambo Rampage is the perfect bike for someone who truly wants to adventure into the wilderness and take their outdoor game to the next level. In the review we will go over the best features of the Rambo Rampage as well as some questions you might have about the bike. 

Rambo Rampage Electric Hunting Bike Review 

Rambo Rampage Review


Over the course of this review we hope that you will get a better understanding of the Rambo Rampage, in addition to information that will help you make a decision as to whether or not you want to invest in a new electric bike. Equipped with a top of the line Ultra Mid-Drive motor the Rampage has excellent power, crucial for a high end electric hunting bike. It also has an 11 speed drive train, 21 amp hour lithium ion battery, and off-roading fat tires.

All this come together on Rambo’s premium Aluminum alloy frame to give you an electric bike that is light weight, high performing, and durable enough to withstand anything that you might throw at it. The Rambo Megatron used to be our favorite Rambo bike, however after lots of test riding the Rambo Rampage may soon overtake it as our new number one Rambo bike!

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Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor

Second to only the extremely expensive all-wheel drive dual motors of some high end electric bikes, the Ultra mid-drive motor of the Rambo Rampage is all that you will need from an electric motor and more. To start, the Bafang Ultra Drive has an average power rating of 1000 watts, with a max output of up to 1500 watts, this will provide enough power to keep you biking at a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. Compared with some other Rambo bikes like the Rambo Nomad or Rambo Krusader, the Rampage has far greater power, and a much faster top speed, for those people who truly want the rush of flying across rugged terrain.

Additionally with a 1000 watt motor you will never have to worry about not having enough power to tow your gear, equipment, or game that you may catch in the wild. Using our trusted Surly Ted Trailer, we tested the towing power of the Rambo Rampage and were able to haul 150 pounds of weight, with a rider who weighted 185 pounds. This is certainly impressive but also not the peak of the motors potential. We believe that the motor could haul significantly more weight, however for almost everyone, we felt that having to tow more than 150 pounds was unrealistic and not necessary for testing. 

Lithium Ion Battery

One of the leaders in battery technology and innovation, Samsung produces some of the highest quality electric bike batteries on the market and are the principal supplier for Rambo electric bike batteries. Samsung, along with Panasonic are the industry leaders for electric bike batteries and are the gold standard to look for when researching a new bike to invest in. Other lower quality batteries consistently underperform their advertised amp hours, leading to less battery life and a smaller electric riding range. Obviously this is less than ideal and because of that we make sure to test the battery of every electric bike that we review.

The 21 amp hour battery of the Rambo Rampage is one of the highest power batteries we have ever reviewed and will give you an effective electric riding range of up to 60 miles! This is a ridiculous range and far greater than most will need however, it supports our idea that this bike was made for the extreme rider/ outdoors person and we love that Rambo has this as an option for their customers. After three independent tests (which is our standard testing procedure of batteries), the Rambo Rampage’s 21 amp hour battery tested within 0.5 amp hours of its advertised value each time.

This is quite impressive especially for the power of the battery, as the advertised amp hours of a battery go up, the more likely it is that the actual performance of the battery is a statistically significant amount different. 

Silent Motor

One of the main reasons to buy an electric hunting bike is exactly that, its electric. You don’t want a noisy motorcycle, an electric car is far too big and expensive, and a traditional bike just doesn’t have the versatility that you will need to truly achieve your goals as a hunter or even just an outdoor lover. The electric hunting bike is the ideal mix of cost and utility to give you exactly what you are looking for in a vehicle to help you explore the great outdoors.

One of the best hunting features of the Rambo Rampage is its sound. The motors is whisper quiet allowing you to ride through the forests without disturbing the wildlife, or simply ride off road without having to listen to a noisy motor. More relaxing, and more effective, the silent Ultra drive Bafang motor will make you enjoy your rides more and, if you’re a hunter, catch more prey.

Maxxis Minion Fat Tires 

We’ve heard the story hundreds of times: you decide to go off road biking and you don’t have a mountain bike, but you figure that the tire look pretty durable, they’ll probably hold up. Then next thing you know you’re stuck halfway down the trail with a popped front tire and are forced to walk the rest of the way down, completely ruining your entire experience. This has happened to so many of the people we have talked to that it’s a miracle that anyone even wants to go off road biking anymore!

Thankfully the Rambo Rampage ensure that this will never happen to you with their Maxxis Minion fat tires that are specifically designed for trail, and off-road riding. Puncture resistant, these tires have middle knobs designed like paddles to maximize your traction and minimize the rolling resistance of your tire, additionally they have side knobs which are great for increasing traction while turning, giving your great control and stability during your ride. One of the worst things that can happen while riding is a popped tire, with the Maxxis Minion fat tires on your Rambo Rampage this is one thing you’re guaranteed to not have to worry about. 


Fast, long ranged, durable and reasonably priced, the Rambo Rampage is everything that you can ask for in an electric hunting bike. Equipped with a 1000 watt, silent motor, a 21 amp hour batter for maximum range, and durable fat tires to help you conquer even the more rugged terrain, it is clear that this bike was built for someone looking to truly adventure into the wild and elevate their outdoor experiences.

The Rambo Rampage is one of the best electric bikes that we have reviewed, and is certainly up there with some of the best electric bikes in the world and in our eyes is tied with the Rambo Megatron for the best Rambo bike. We would recommend this bike to anyone without any hesitation and truly think that you will never regret your decision to buy this highly sought after electric bike. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Rambo Rampage a good bike?

To this question we have to give a resounding yes. Given its high quality components and its excellent performance there is no doubt in our minds that the Rambo Rampage is one of the best electric bikes that you could find. 

How fast does the Rambo Rampage go?

The Rambo Rampage has a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour using its electric motor. 

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